RoadCloud has been awarded a 2+1 year contract with Trafikverket in Sweden. The contract is the result of a public procurement by Trafikverket.

RoadCloud provides road surface friction data to Trafikverket in Gothenburg and Västerås areas. This data is a part of a pilot project by Trafikverket to improve the planning and execution of road maintenance efforts in Sweden. An article by Trafikverket on the project can be found here:  LINK (article is in Swedish).

Especially the Gothenburg area is attracting interest as an emerging ecosystem of vehicle data. Other actors in this ecosystem are for example Nira dynamics (owned by Audi) and ÅF.

RoadCloud collects the data using a special measurement system it has developed that includes an optical sensor and data from the car CAN bus. The measurement system is installed to commercial vehicles, such as taxis, buses and transportation vehicles driving in these areas. Triona AB is working together with RoadCloud to find suitable fleet partners whose vehicles are equipped with the measurement system. Finding the right partners is crucial to the success of the project. The target is to measure 75 000 km of road surface a day when the whole fleet is deployed. A demonstration of what data the measurement system is collecting can be found here: LINK

RoadCloud has measurements fleets in Finland around the greater Helsinki area and Lapland.

Further information:

Ari Tuononen, CEO @ RoadCloud Oy, +358 50 5604 702,

Niko Rosenqvist, Senior Manager, Triona AB, +46 709 132 030,