Road maintenance for the digital era

The key to cost-effective, safe and green road maintenance is the ability to take decisions based on real-time hyper local and comprehensive data. We collect and provide this data for you. It’s time we bring roads into the digital era.

hyperlocal road weather measurements by RoadCloud

Use our road maintenance data for

Winter road maintenance

Pavement quality monitoring

Traffic safety analysis

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The effect of digital winter road information: Increased productivity through reduced costs for winter road maintenance by 15-20%

How you can use the most accurate road condition data in the world

Know your current road conditions

React in realtime with hyper local road condition information. Make informed decisions and save on road maintenance by avoiding unnecessary call outs and by reducing salt use.

Review road condition history with ease

Roadcloud is designed for transparent collaboration between road owners and road maintenance contractors. Review realized road conditions day by day. Spot issues and make justified corrections for your road maintenance operations.

From ad-hoc to continuous quality monitoring

Follow your pavement quality continuously and locally, react when necessary. Get the budget you need with the help of objective road data.

Weather forecasts enable pre-emptive winter road maintenance

By combining the present road state with weather forecasts, contractors can perform accurate and timely pre-emptive road maintenance. E.g., wet roads can be salted before temperatures drop below 0 ° to ensure road safety.

We provide a 10-day forecast with a 3-hour update interval for the next 3-days.

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