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  • Way ahead - RoadCloud

    Cost savings with on-demand road maintenance

    Up-to-date road network monitoring

  • Way ahead - RoadCloud

    Make your safety systems and autonomous functions purely proactive

    Enabling self-driving cars in all road conditions

  • Way ahead - RoadCloud

    Real-time traffic data. We capture weather conditions and unexpected traffic situations

    For efficient mobility and traffic management systems

  • Way ahead - RoadCloud

    Reveal the hidden value of your fleet

    Join our fleet and enjoy the benefits of future mobility today

Our Offer

With dedicated hardware installed into carefully selected fleets of vehicles, we collect data that matters. The data is refined into information products providing unique opportunities for our customers and fleet partners.

Working on autonomous driving, road maintenance or traffic information systems? See how you can benefit from our services!


Big Data

Let us mine road and traffic information you need for your business.

Autonomous driving

Information that enables self-driving technology of tomorrow today.

Easy ramp-up

Enjoy our web app today or we integrate to your existing information system.

Carefree service

No devices, no installations, no updates, no repairs or recycling. Let us handle it.

Story & Team

Genuine story, talented individuals & solid team.