High frequency vehicle data

Use our comprehensive data sets for machine learning model training without tedious data collection and annotation phase. Develop and validate ADAS and autonomous driving algorithms with RoadCloud’s fleet vehicle data.

Use our high frequency vehicle data for

Machine Learning

Algorithm development and validation

Automatic data annotation

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Road Friction and Tyre Grip

High frequency vehicle data Use cases

Machine learning with ground truth reference data

Enhance your machine learning algorithms. RoadCloud's vehicle data sets include the following data types: road friction, road quality, road state (optical sensor measurements), acceleration, wheel speeds, ambient temperature, ABS, ESC, ASR event data, time, position and various other Can-bus data types.

Tyre-Road Friction estimation technology development

Our reference data can be utilized in the development of your friction estimation technology. Raw CAN-bus data in addition to RoadCloud's reference friction data provides unique possibilities for development purposes.

The road in disrepair with a lot of potholes. Cars go with the risk of breakdowns.

Road surface quality algorithm developement

Acceleration and wheel speed data can be used in the development and improvement of road surface quality algorithms.

Tread wear & adaptive suspension systems

Improve tread wear evaluation with high-frequency wheel speed data and employ acceleration sensor data for adaptive suspension system development (suspension tuning, predictive features).

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