Hyper-local traffic and road state information

Our traffic and road state data goes beyond the curve, much further than the vehicle’s own field of vision. This is crucial data for Advanced Driving Assistance Systems and Autonomous Vehicles and an important element in traffic information systems. We provide data for the way ahead.

Use our traffic and road state information for

Advanced driving assistance (ADAS)

Autonomous vehicles

Traffic information system (TIS)

Traffic and road state information in action

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How you can use the most accurate traffic and road state information in the world

Friction adaptive emergency braking for ADAS RoadCloud

Friction adaptive AEB

Radar gives you TTC (Time-To-Collision), but when should the brakes automatically trigger? RoadCloud provides road friction measured for the path ahead of the vehicle, you calculate the accurate braking distance for ego-vehicle.

Friction adaptive ACC

Adaptive Cruise Control can decelerate and accelerate a vehicle based on its distance to a vehicle ahead. Safe following distance depends on braking distance which depends on things like the road friction coefficient.

Weather based routing

Route vehicles around hazardous and slippery roads and decrease speed to prevent aquaplaning on watery road sections.

Increase autonomous driving time

Maximize near-autonomous car user experience: stay autonomous until driver intervention is inevitably required.

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