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Image above shows measurements in Enköping revealing local cold spots on the road network.

RoadCloud has received repeated requests for an extended sensor package which would also measure road surface temperature. Road weather forecasters and winter maintenance experts require real-time and road-specific surface temperature information. By combining road temperature data with dew point information, it becomes possible to know if frosting occurs on the road surface.

RoadCloud has been providing road friction and road condition data In Sweden since 2018. In March of 2022, we conducted a test in the Enköping maintenance contract area to showcase our road surface temperature sensor capabilities. We are currently developing a road surface temperature sensor which can be installed along with our optical road state sensor onto commercial vehicles. This allows real time road temperature monitoring on the road network, providing opportunities for more efficient road maintenance actions.

By monitoring the temperature of the road surface, valuable information about the locations of cold sections in the road network can be obtained. Traditional methods of thermal mapping involve conducting a survey under specific environmental conditions.  These surveys typically reveal ramps and other low-heat-storing structures, lowlands, and roads by large open areas. While valuable, this method  does not paint an accurate picture of the entire network under changing real-world conditions.

By utilizing real time monitoring, even the most local and time-critical road weather phenomena and their effect on road slipperiness and safety can be captured and acted on.

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