Watch the free webinar on digital road maintenance with trafikverket and roadcloud

The Swedish Transportation Agency Trafikverket’s Dr. Hawzeen Karim and RoadCloud CEO and Founder Dr. Ari Tuononen discuss the use of floating car data for winter road maintenance purposes. Sweden is a fore-runner in digitizing roads, and wants to become the world leader in winter maintenance.

Learn about the latest achievements in the maintenance space and how Trafikverket is using RoadCloud’s floating car data (FCD) for winter road maintenance monitoring.

During a pilot study in the Nordics, local road contractors were able to reduce the cost of road maintenance by 20%. However, not only costs were saved. Since less salt was used, and less unnecessary call-outs were made, the environmental impact reduced significantly as well. We made a compact White Paper regarding the results and how this can be achieved here: A Data-Driven Road to Safer, Greener and More Efficient Winter Road Maintenance.

Discover three ways in which you can measurably increase efficiency, reduce environmental impact and improve overall road safety. Download the white paper to find out more about how:

  • Hyperlocal, real-time data improves your ability to make accurate decisions on when and where to apply your winter road resources
  • Dynamically routing your fleet improves overall road safety by prioritizing hazardous road sections
  • Both winter staff and road users benefit from real-time road condition alerts
winter road maintenance white paper
High quality Winter Road Maintenance is extremely important for keeping roads safe.