Roads are some of the most valuable assets on Earth. They contribute both to quality of life by enabling encounters between people and to competitiveness by enabling the transport of most raw materials and commodities.

Shipments via road accounted for nearly 77% of inland freight transport in the EU and 72% of freight value in the US.

Despite the road networks crucial role, road quality is often overseen, costing the society lives, lots of money, and harming nature.

In the US, it has been estimated that the pavement on over a fifth of highways was in poor condition in 2015, inflicting more than $120 billion in extra vehicle repair and operating costs on motorists.

The congestions caused and aggravated by bad roads also cost the country dearly, to the tune of $160 billion, as motorists spent 6.9 billion hours and over 11.5 billion litres of fuel due to the traffic delays in 2014.

Studies show that every dollar not spent on road pavement repairs, costs $7 five years later.

Read this free white paper to dig deeper into the studies and learn how you can:

  • Quickly detect and fix minor issues before they get expensive and difficult to repair
  • Assess repair backlog and budget future road maintenance costs with increased confidence
  • Warn road users of bad road sections in a timely manner to prevent accidents
  • Make smarter road and highway pavement repairs and investments
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