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RoadCloud is pleased to announce that The City of Vantaa has decided to continue their trust in RoadCloud to produce high-quality data coverage for the roads of Vantaa. With its approximately 1600 kms of road, the busiest airport in Finland and developing mass-transit solutions, The City of Vantaa is truly a logistics city. The city tried RoadCloud’s road data services in 2020, and were happy to extend their contract until autumn 2022.

The data has also been shared with road maintenance contractors in Vantaa, to optimize their winter road maintenance work. Furthermore, pavement surface quality data has been monitored and shared with Rapal Oy for improved pavement maintenance analysis and repair cost estimation. The City of Vantaa is a perfect example of how RoadCloud’s data can be used and shared between different bodies to maximize the benefits of road data for all included parties.

The service RoadCloud provides includes training in using the services, so that the employees of The City of Vantaa can get the most out of RoadCloud’s services.

Read more about why cities and Government offices are choosing RoadCloud’s data services in our whitepaper here: A Data-Driven Road to Safer, Greener and More Efficient Winter Road Maintenance whitepaper.
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