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Way ahead - RoadCloud


EIC SME Phase 1 Grant

RoadCloud Oy receives a highly competitive EU H2020 SME Instrument Phase 1 grant of 50.000 €. The European Commission awarded grant falls under EU’s research and innovation program Horizon 2020 which targets small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). The grant is part of the Horizon 2020 work programme of 2018-2020 and it’s directed towards high potential innovations and the brightest innovators with ground-breaking ideas.

RoadCloud’s distinct Connected Car (CC) data platform innovation will improve traffic safety, reduce traffic jams, improve efficiency and reduce pollution for CC data ecosystems. The innovation expedites the introduction of MaaS (Mobility-as-a-service) by providing value from the fleets. The main market of the service is directed to is B2B and the aim is to sell data for road owners, road maintenance companies and companies dealing with traffic information systems. RoadCloud’s service provides e.g. up to date road condition information, icy road alerts and road weather data which are highly valuable and increasing in importance in the development of autonomous driving.

The grant enables further research on locations where RoadCloud can start piloting the service. RoadCloud’s plan is to do market research on various locations in Central Europe in order for RoadCloud to determine where the need for such service is high. RoadCloud wants to act as a data platform between vehicle owners and CC data utilisers.

The grant will boost company growth and further development of the technology. RoadCloud is getting ready to apply for Phase 2 of the same grant which is even more sought after by companies all across Europe as it varies from 50.000 to 2.5 million € depending on the innovation.

“We are very pleased to receive the SME Instrument grant which will expedite our growth even further”, says Dr. Ari Tuononen, CEO of RoadCloud. “The project will help us reach our goal of anonymised vehicle data becoming widely and easily available”.

Contact information:
Ari Tuononen
+358 50 560 4702

RoadCloud secures significant funding to fuel growth

HELSINKI, Finland, 3 June 2019 – RoadCloud, a connected vehicle data platform based in Finland which provides real-time information for road transport systems and services is excited to announce today a significant funding from Business Finland.

The Young Innovative Companies funding consists of three phases and sum up to 1.25m€. The company plans to use the new fund to accelerate international expansion and comprehensive development of business activities starting with Central Europe. RoadCloud has successfully validated their technology and data-driven business model in Scandinavia by continuously improving digital winter road maintenance efforts in Sweden.

“We see an opportunity to be part of the disruptive technology growth in the automotive markets globally. With our experienced team, we are confident our technology can enable autonomous driving in diverse weather conditions and the company’s mission to make roads safer worldwide.” said Ari Tuononen, CEO of RoadCloud.

RoadCloud has previously received several funding from Business Finland and its predecessor TEKES. RoadCloud had used the Innovation Voucher to design an early prototype. With TEMPO, RoadCloud was able to complete the international business plan and market survey for global growth. An R&D loan was used to design RoadCloud's scalable hardware and data services. In addition to that, the devices are manufactured in Finland. Now, NIY funding is a logical continuation for previous successful projects and the timing could not be better to aggressively scale data-driven business enabling the future of mobility.

The Young Innovative Company (NIY) program aims to accelerate the global growth of rapidly growing companies in Finland. With this goal in mind, the funding from Business Finland enables RoadCloud to provide new technology and data solutions globally and strengthen Finland as one of the leading countries in developing and building intelligent transportation systems.

About RoadCloud Oy
RoadCloud is a connected vehicle data platform that provides real-time information for transportation services and systems. We are building the future of mobility and enabling autonomous driving by providing real-time road weather and condition information with our slippery road alert technology and road friction intelligence. Our data consists of local traffic & road weather information, road friction and quality, and information available from vehicle CAN-buses. For more information, visit

Download press release in Finnish here.

For further information, please contact:

Ari Tuononen
+358 50 5604702

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Esko Mertsalmi joins RoadCloud’s Board of Directors

HELSINKI, May 21 2019, --- RoadCloud, a technology company that provides real-time road weather and condition information for transportation services and systems announced the appointment of Esko Mertsalmi , CEO and co-founder of Unikie Oy to its board of directors.  

“We are pleased to welcome Esko Mertsalmi to our board and look forward to his contributions on RoadCloud’s future growth.“ said Ari Tuononen, CEO and founder of RoadCloud. " Esko’s vast experience in scaling digital businesses and working with car manufacturers will be invaluable to RoadCloud’s technology and our customers." 

Ari and the Roadcloud team have been very successful in delivering on our mission to make roads safe as we have been expanding our market coverageWe are excited to have Esko join and share our mission as we plan to continue to grow and make a positive impact to people on the road in more and more markets. Esko brings a unique and valuable perspective, experience and leadership that will help us deliver on our mission.” said Tero Tolonen, chairman of the board.  

Esko is the CEO of Unikie, a Finnish software development company that develops demanding software solutions for the automotive, telecom and engineering industries. With successful experience in international expansion as CEO of Unikie, his organization has grown into a major software development company since 2015 (30m € in estimated annual revenue this year, 2018 - 16m € in revenue). 

With the huge disruption and transformation going on in the international automotive markets, I am confident that the timing is right to create a strong automotive technology in Finland. I am happy to join the RoadCloud team, where we can pursue this common goal even further." said Esko. 

Esko joins an existing Board of Directors, which includes Tero Tolonen (chairman), Juha ReunanenLasse Lehtinen ( and Ari Tuononen.  

About RoadCloud Oy 

RoadCloud is a connected vehicle data platform that provides real-time info for transportation services and systems. We are building the future of mobility and enabling autonomous driving by providing real-time road weather and condition information with our slippery road alert technology. Our data consists of local traffic & road weather information, road friction and quality, and information available from vehicle CAN-buses.  
Learn more about RoadCloud by watching our video here.  

Download press release here

For further information, please contact: 
Ari Tuononen 

Esko Mertsalmi 

Traffic in Helsinki Visualized

Traftic video


RoadCloud and WhereOS have joined forces to collect, analyze and visualize data collected from the fleet of commercial vehicles through RoadCloud sensors. “It’s amazing how detailed information you can collect from road network conditions through RoadCloud sensors”, says JP Partanen, CEO of WhereOS.

The data used for this video has been collected from the vehicles over the time of one full year (2018). You can see how the rush hour traffic affects the average speeds at different locations on different times of the day.

The RoadCloud data can be used for many other analyses such as: How the road conditions – friction, road state (dry/wet/ice/snow), temperature – affect the average speeds. Or how a speed bump or some other new traffic arrangement affects the traffic around it. In the upcoming articles we will dig deeper into the data and create new interesting visualizations out of it.

Read the full article on the WhereOS web site HERE.

RoadCloud in a project with Trafikverket in Sweden

Winter road

RoadCloud has been awarded a 2+1 year contract with Trafikverket in Sweden. The contract is the result of a public procurement by Trafikverket.

RoadCloud provides road surface friction data to Trafikverket in Gothenburg and Västerås areas. This data is a part of a pilot project by Trafikverket to improve the planning and execution of road maintenance efforts in Sweden. An article by Trafikverket (in Swedish) on the topic can be found here: LINK

Especially the Gothenburg area is attracting interest as an emerging ecosystem of vehicle data. Other actors in this ecosystem are for example Nira dynamics (owned by Audi) and ÅF.

RoadCloud collects the data using a special measurement system it has developed that includes an optical sensor and data from the car CAN bus. The measurement system is installed to commercial vehicles, such as taxis, buses and transportation vehicles driving in these areas. Triona AB is working together with RoadCloud to find suitable fleet partners whose vehicles are equipped with the measurement system. Finding the right partners is crucial to the success of the project. The target is to measure 75 000 km of road surface a day when the whole fleet is deployed. A demonstration of what data the measurement system is collecting can be found here: LINK

RoadCloud has a measurements fleets in Finland around the greater Helsinki area and Lapland.

Further information:

Ari Tuononen, CEO @ RoadCloud Oy, +358 50 5604 702,

Niko Rosenqvist, Senior Manager, Triona AB, +46 709 132 030,