Road Friction Tyre Grip Webinar Series RoadCloud

Roadcloud's webinar series on road friction and tyre grip

RoadCloud started as a university startup, based on many years of research in tyre friction, vehicle dynamics and road surface. We now want to invite you back to the classroom and the blackboard. Join the unique opportunity to refresh or learn the essentials of road friction and tyre grip, explained and presented to you by RoadCloud’s own PhDs specialised in the area. The content of the webinars is held on a basic level, so no background in any particular topic is needed. However, there’s plenty of room for deep-diving for the interested. In this three parted webinar series we’ll cover these areas:

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What is tyre road grip made of?
Brief introduction to multi-scale friction

Presented by: Mona Kanafi, Ari Tuononen

Key takeaway:

  • Understand Multi-Scale Roughness & Rubber Hysteresis Interaction

Mona and Ari will cover the topics of multi-scale rough surface, rubber sliding velocity compared to frequency, speed dependency of sliding µ, rolling resistance example, and why RMS is not enough.

What does the road surface and the broccoflower have in common?
Learn what the broccoflower has in common with the road surface.

Part 2:
From Local Friction to Tyre Grip – Force Generation Process

Presented by: Arto Niskanen, Ari Tuononen

Key takeaways:

  • Brush model tyre: Static and sliding friction in rolling tyre
  • Tyre contact patch shear stresses in low and high friction condition

Part 3:
Tyre-road friction estimation in practice

Presented by: Arto Niskanen, Ari Tuononen

Key takeaways:

  • Micro-slip in the tyre contact patch
  • Slip slope lottery and friction potential
  • Vibrations as an opportunity to predict friction
  • Optical sensing

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