road data in transportation webinar

Join RoadCloud and Triona in the Road Data in Transportation webinar on March 9th, at 12:00-12:45 CET. As a result of heavy interest from Nordic countries, the topic of the webinar is Data Exchange Opportunities for Transport Operators specifically in the Nordics. The webinar is perfect also for people and organisations interested in implementing a fleet management system, or other fleet monitoring and GPS related services. The webinar is free of charge, and the seats are limited.

The hosts of the webinar is RoadCloud’s CEO and Co-Founder Ari Tuononen, and joining him is Triona’s Mats Johansson, manager of Triona Public Transport.

Here’s what you’ll learn regarding data for transport operators:

What data is available to transport operators via RoadCloud?

Dr. Ari Tuononen will present the opportunities of being a RoadCloud fleet partner, and how your organisation can improve its operations. For example, using the collected data for fleet routing and implementing driver warnings.

How can transport operators contribute to the data exchange?

By being part of the ecosystem, fleet partners play a vital role in helping improve road quality and safety for all road users. Not only does it make roads safer. It also saves resources and taxpayers’ money. All of which is for the better good, and can be used for elevating your own brand.

How can your organisation implement data in its operations?

Learn how implementing data in your operations work in practice. What resources are needed, and how do you get the most out of using data for your vehicle fleet.

How FleetControl works in practice with examples

Mats Johansson from Triona will dive deep into what FleetControl does for the great Public Transport Operators that are in the forefront of data driven development.

About triona and roadcloud

Triona is a leading and reliable supplier of innovative IT solutions withing logistics- and infrastructure-oriented operations. They combine industry-specific competence and skills in transport infrastructure, power/energy, contractor related businesses, transports and forest industry with leading-edge experience within software engineering and maintenance.

Their product FleetControl contains a number of services which help to keep vehicle fleet’s administrative costs down by continuously collecting data from vehicles and uploading it to the cloud. The data can then be displayed to drivers, processed by the business or used in different applications to increase their value/benefit and/or efficiency.

RoadCloud captures real-time road friction and road state data with dedicated hardware installed into carefully selected fleets of vehicles. This data is transmitted to the cloud and refined into information services providing unique opportunities for road owners, road maintenance operators, and also transport operators. Our customers have seen clear results of reduced salting costs, fewer road closures and increased road safety. Our fleet partners play a vital role in helping improve road quality and safety for all road users.