Espoo, Finland, Jan. 20, 2020 –  RoadCloud today released a white paper for the road maintenance industry entitled ‘A Data-Driven Road to Safer, Greener and More Efficient Winter Road Maintenance’. The document describes how hyperlocal, real-time data can help reduce the number of unwarranted salting calls and dynamically route winter service vehicles to reduce both cost and environmental impact.

Decisions about when and where to de-ice road networks are often based on incomplete or inaccurate data. This leads to unwarranted salting runs, which are both costly and have an unnecessary impact on the environment. By providing decision makers and winter maintenance contractors with comprehensive road weather data for their service area, winter road maintenance activities can be specifically targeted at areas where they will make the biggest impact, increasing their efficiency and the overall road safety.

The white paper addresses the shortcomings of the data underlying current decision-making processes and the impact in terms of cost and safety. It argues why fleet-sourced data can provide the road maintenance industry with more comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date information that can be used to both route salt spreaders dynamically and alert road users about slippery roads in real-time.

RoadCloud provides real-time, comprehensive and hyper-local road quality and road weather data. By equipping commercial fleets of vehicles with high-fidelity sensors, RoadCloud is able to continuously collect high quality data on the state of the entire road network. The measurements are fused measurements with in-car sensor data and machine-learning is applied to calculate premium data sets, such as road friction, in real-time. During a pilot study in the Nordics, local road contractors were able to reduce the cost of winter road maintenance by 20%.

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